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2024 Tucson Warehouse Dates:

May 27 | May 28 | May 29 | May 30 | May 31 | June 1 | June 2

June 3 | June 4 | June 5 | June 6 | June 7 | June 8 | June 9

Book an appointment with us at our warehouse in Tucson, Arizona.


Explore Our Tucson Location:

3238 E Columbia Street

Tucson, Arizona 85714

Our FTM: Tucson warehouse is over 6000 sq ft which is filled with the best material we have ever gotten our hands on. It is no secret that we supply many gem show dealers, so having our own warehouse in Tucson allows us to not only assist those dealers in restocking but also remove us as a competitor. Our motive is to only sell to businesses & private collectors. As we are a wholesale warehouse there, will be no increases due to show overhead which is great for our clients!

One of the observations we’ve made while attending gem shows is the difficulty that comes with trying to consolidate & ship material. Someone buying for a small to mid-sized retail business may have to visit up to 20 plus dealers just to fill their inventory. This means collecting a lot of small shipments & resorting to consolidating themselves or shipping many smaller packages. For many, this is arduous & stressful. Whether buying a few boxes of material or pallets worth shipping, packing & scheduling can get complicated. 


We offer the luxury of leaving all goods purchased with From the Mines in our hands to pack & ship for you. We work directly with the best shipping brokers in the world to help arrange & schedule all parcels, ensuring timely & safe shipping at the best rates possible. 

Corporate Companies + Nonprofits

From the Mines works closely with numerous corporate companies & is happy to discuss projects and custom accounts with any inquiring company and/or nonprofit organizations.


To create a wholesale account, resellers must submit their Sales & Use Tax Certificate to our sales team. If you do not have a Sales & Use Tax Certificate, you can still purchase wholesale with an EIN Certificate, but are required to pay taxes. International companies require different proof of business. Please email us for more information on international companies. The minimum for in-person appointments is $300. Virtual appointments have a $300 minimum for jewelry/bagged stones, and a $500 minimum for full warehouse access, excluding shipping costs.

Private Collectors

Private Collectors are welcome to purchase with From the Mines without any paperwork.


Please kindly note:

Private collectors will not be considered for tax exemption.

From The Mines Crystal Warehouse

Who We Work With

Our Mission Statement:

From the Mines is an international wholesale distribution company for crystals and minerals. We currently hold mining contracts in Brazil, Morocco, India, Uruguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Congo and Peru.


Since our humble beginnings the mission has remained the same; to supply our valued clientele with the best quality crystals and minerals in the world. With direct sourcing as our standard it has allowed for FTM to offer the most competitive, pound for pound pricing on the market.


Given the ability to source and manufacture material upwards of 100,000 kilograms per month our arms have extended to thousands of dealers across the world. Currently we offer supply to wholesalers, retailers, supply chains, online dealers, trade show dealers, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, museums, spas, holistic practitioners, metaphysical centers and exclusive private collectors.

Our company takes pride in our unique capability to directly source minerals From the Mines. This ability enables us to wholeheartedly embrace sustainability as our guiding principle. We are honored to identify ourselves as a fair trade company, as this ethos permeates every level of our operations, from our manufacturing process to the materials used in our shipping supplies, we remain committed to operating with a deep consideration for both humanity and the environment.

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