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Wholesale Distributor and Manufacturer of Crystals, Gemstones, Minerals and Fossils

Tucson Gem Show

Our Mission

Christopher Petrocelli

Chief Executive Officer

The idea to open a warehouse in Tuscon, Arizona is one we have been walking towards for the past few years. Excitedly, the interest and abundant requests we’ve received from not just domestic clients but international ones has now led us to make it happen. After two years of searching for the right space we have finally found the one and will hold our grand opening January 29th 2020.



The warehouse is over 6000 sq ft which we plan to fill with the best material we have ever gotten our hands on. We will be displaying over 26 minerals which were directly sourced by From the Mines. Since this will be a wholesale warehouse there will be no increases due to show overhead and we are certain that our clients will be amazed at some of the pricing we plan to offer. See you there!


It is no secret that we supply many gem show dealers, having our own warehouse allows us to not only assist those dealers in restocking but removes us a competitor. Our motive is to only sell to businesses and private collectors. 

One of the observations we’ve made while attending gem shows is the difficulty that comes with trying to consolidate and ship material. Someone buying for a small to mid sized retail business may have to visit up to 20 plus dealers just to fill their inventory. This means collecting a lot of small shipments and either consolidating them oneself or shipping many smaller packages. For many this is arduous and stressful. Whether buying a few boxes of material or pallets worth shipping, packing and scheduling can get complicated. 


We will offer the luxury of leaving all goods purchased with From the Mines in our hands to pack and ship for you. All domestic orders over $5000 will come with free shipping  while international shipments will observe a discount of 5% credited to the final order. We will be working directly with the best shipping brokers in the world to help arrange and schedule all parcels, ensuring timely and safe shipping at the best rates possible. 


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February Tucson appointments available now! When you book your appointment, let us know if there is a particular material piece you are looking for.
FTM Tucson Gem Show Appointment
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The Venue

750 E. Ohio Street

Tucson, Arizona 

Our Tucson location is conveniently located 5 miles away from Tucson International Airport. Parking is free and accessible. We have a garage door with drive-in space for our team to load your order directly into your car! Loading dock is available for any truck.


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